3D printed handbag (digital download of STL files)


Always wanted a fancy designer handbag? Don’t have the thousands of dollars to spend on a Chanel® or Louis Vuitton®? Here is the solution – 3D print your own! And by doing so, you can make it exactly as you want!

I bought dozens of fancy (and too expensive) designer handbags, but never found one I loved. There was always something I didn’t like. After being disappointed too many times, I simply designed my own in CAD (Computer Aided Design) and 3D printed it! I also installed LED lights in it, because I was tired of never finding the keys when I came home in the evening.

The product for sale here is the digital download of the STL files for all the 3D printed parts needed to make the handbag on the cover photo. The handbag dimensions are approximately 230 mm by 170 mm by 80 mm (9" by 6.5" by 3").
This bag is designed to be printed on a consumer grade printer such as the Prusa.

Thorough and detailed video tutorials are provided on the
Science Envy YouTube channel here, making it a breeze to assemble the bag.

Additional instructions on the ScienceEnvy.com website here.

You will receive a download link to the files within 24 hours after purchase.