Additional Good Karma - make the Green Envy even FASTER!


Do you want to support the Green Envy speed record attempt but don't want any more stuff?
Here is your chance to get additional good Karma without getting more stuff!

By supporting Eva Hakansson and the Green Envy, you support some of the most influential advocates for green racing and green transportation in general. The KillaJoule showed that electric vehicles don't have to be slow and boring; instead they can be really fast, fun and make your neighbor jealous. We expect Green Envy to make an even bigger splash! We think that this is a way to get electric cars out on the streets quicker and change the world to a better place. We also believe it is a great way of getting kids interested in science and engineering!

Each Good Karma point is $10. Add it to your cart and then choose the number of points in the cart.

Please choose if you want us to send you a signed postcard as a token of our appreciation or not.

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